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Make the privacy links use SSL so that iOS 9 apps click click through them

Some 3rd party privacy policy links badly need updating to be https instead of http so they will work on iOS 9 -- which now blocks all http links unless specifically called out (which is quite a pain, and especially as your policy will change over time and so the list might change). For example, in the policy I have just generated, it has links to: Currently, the user sees the links in my app, e.g. "Place of Processing: USA - Privacy Policy", but clicking them does nothing. Based on 4 out of 4 not having https, I'm guessing this applies links to other policies in your collection as well. I have checked, and all of these urls will work with https, so I'm wondering if & how long it would be for them to be updated so that I can effectively use this policy in my app? Thanks! Mike - who just paid for the monthly pro service :D
  • Hi Mike, interesting, we hadn't thought about these implications. I'm going to take care of this and will let you know what to do once we fixed it.
  • Thanks for that prompt response Simon!
  • Hello again Mike, I confirm for everyone that's reading that we're working on improving this. Wrapping up with you privately. Simon
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