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cookie banner is being displayed on every single page

I have embedded the cookie solution code using the wordpress "iubenda Cookie Solution" plugin. The problem I have is that the banner is displayed on every single page, even after consent has been provided. When the page load I see the following messages in the browser console [IUB|INFO]: Loading remote configurations. [IUB|INFO]: Loading configuration through javascript file. [IUB|INFO]: Remote configuration correctly loaded. [IUB|INFO]: Merging remote configuration with default. [IUB|INFO]: jQuery version OK. [IUB|INFO]: local stored consent NOT found [IUB|WARN]: skip loading remote consent since enableRemoteConsent option is provided FALSE [IUB|INFO]: IubendaCookieSolution setup OK! Starting ... [IUB|INFO]: consent NOT given [IUB|INFO]: Cookie policy NOT ENABLED, starting in priorConsent false mode. I do have a cookie policy configured, you can see it here Why would it say cookie policy not enabled?
  • I found the solution. I hard coded the cookie domain and all is now working
  • @mynstrom we checked your website's source code and we were unable to locate the Cookie Solution script. Could you please try to integrate it as suggested here: 

    If you still have issues, I kindly ask you to drop us a line at

    Kind Regards



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