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GDPR - API delete consent

hello, looking at api docs at and I can't see any method to delete or to mark as invalid a consent. For example, If a user registers an account and "gives" a consent for a certain action/service/data utilization, then in the future decides to revoke the given consent, how do I remove that particular consent? off course I need to track that on my system, but is there a way to delete it /mark it as invalid via API ?
  • @gabriel, what do mean "of course, I need to track that on my system"? I think Iubenda is collecting the consents and if we could figure out how to use the consent system then we would be able to revoke the consent. That's how I understand it. If I need to record the consents in my own database, why should I pay Iubenda? I am guessing that the javascript consent SDK, once I understand it, will allow us to retrieve a user's consent details. But there seems to be no information as to how to perform the cancellation of the consent.
  • @ken sure, we (my company) are going to use and pay iubenda to track consents as an external proof. Whenever we need to find out how many clients subscribed && gave consent for newsletters if we track on our system, is just a query, otherwise, we need to make also an API call (that are not really fast atm).
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