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GDPR consent tracking

I like your system for generating and displaying privacy policies, and for managing cookie consent. However, I do not see any capabilities for gathering and managing user consent for other aspects of GDPR. Do you offer those kinds of capabilities or, if not, whom do you typically recommend companies work with to manage user consent tracking, user requests, and user responses?
  • Can you advise when your templates will be GDPR compliant?
  • Can you please UPDATE ALL YOUR USER on how will you give us options to modify policies, track consent and be GDPR compliant? We need fast answers ore we must move out where they give us answers
  • Insomma, Signori, siete spariti? Ho inviato delle mail per sapere se devo attendere vs notizie per mettermi in regola con il GDPR in tempo utile. Almeno la cortesia di una risposta?
  • Hello Amaka, What is GDPR Suite? are you going to provide a template to ask for user consent? Thanks for your help, Regards, Olivier
  • I would also like to know this - as it appears that, with your current wording (see below*) and user flow, your cookie bars currently fall short of GDPR compliancy with regard to user consent. For consent to be valid under GDPR, a customer must *actively* confirm their consent, such as ticking an unchecked opt-in box. Pre-checked boxes or mechanisms that use customer inaction to assume consent aren’t valid under GDPR. *'By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.'
  • We need something more like Piwik Pro's Consent Manager!
  • Well, yes it appears iubenda do have a new 'Consent Solution' (I assume this is the said "GDPR Suite") for dealing with GDPR consent requirements but @$39/month you've got to be kidding me! Not only is this ridiculously expensive for us small website owners, it also makes your other standard services pointless for anyone in the EU, we all NEED to comply with the new legislation regardless of the size of the business, and it seems the only way any existing iubenda customers can hope to comply is by buying this service otherwise simply leave the iubenda suite of services all-together. Extremely, disappointed how iubenda have handles this GDPR situation.

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  • Hi there, Still awaiting clarifications regarding the rates for the consent form display and consent recordings. I am not new to Iubenda and already paying monthlies for privacy and Cookie policies (5 websites). I cannot understand from this page if I get it free (for up to 25K page-views) or not. Anyone for clarifications please?
  • Ho acquistato la soluzione Cookie Solution, ma non capisco dove vedere questo registro dei consensi
  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting the iubenda Support Team.  

    We pride ourselves in having a well-rounded selection of solutions to address and facilitate compliance with every aspect of the GDPR. As you correctly surmised, we offer a Pro License, with which you can create a privacy policy and a cookie policy. A privacy policy informs your website visitors what to expect will happen with their personal data by using your site. More information here

    More info about services:

    A cookie policy informs users, which cookies (scripts) will  be installed on their system if they access your site. 

    We also offer a Cookie Solution, which allows you to create a banner and manage cookie consent. 

    Your site visitors will be able agree to the installing of cookies before scripts are actually installed on their browsers   

    Our Consent Solution and Internal Privacy Management, come as a dual tool and can be applied to as many websites/apps you add to your account. If you request information via a contact form, or to subscribe to a newsletter, then you can collect your users’ consent with our Consent Solution. 

    The Internal Privacy Management tool allows you to collect, save and manage all other data processing activities you may engage in. Eg. if you have employees that will have access to your users' personal data. 

    You can purchase all products from our pricing page:

    If you require further clarification, we will be happy to assist you.

    Kind Regards,


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