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Privacy Policies for additional websites

Hi Zach, thanks for asking! We just added Dwolla. About Nation Builder, it's rather complex to cover and I suggest you to use the 'Create custom service' button where you explain in plain language that you use Nation Builder and why (e.g. for building the supporters community). Of course, if this is not urgent, you can wait until we add the support. About Sunlight Labs APIs, which one do you use and how?
  • Thanks so much for your help! The Nation Builder App is not pressing, so I will wait for you to update it whenever you get the chance -- thanks in advance. As far as Sunlight Labs, I use their Sunlight Congress API: -- I'm not sure if it really even effects users, but essentially when they want to contact an elected official, I compare their Zip with the Sunlight API and it serves their elected official. Thanks for your help. You guys have a great product!
  • Hi Zach, about the Sunlight Congress API, I don't think you need to mention it in your policy, since there's no user's personal data involved.
  • That sounds right. Thanks very much for your help! -Zach
  • You're welcome! :)
  • Do you have a privacy policy for Dwolla? Do you have a privacy policy for Nation Builder? Do you have a privacy policy for Sunlight Labs API's?
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